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My Beliefs:


I was always intrigued by the people who could make something beautiful…..that’s what inspired me to become an interior designer!  What does it take?  A keen vision, creativity, and a sense for balance and scale.  The coordination of color and elements, seeing the big picture and putting the pieces of the puzzle together……..beyond that and MOST IMPORTANTLY, it’s unfolding your clients dreams…..finding a solution to their challenges and giving them a sense of peace and serenity when they walk into their home.  Read more...

ShaRee Antenucci


Design Services

• Space Planning 

• Furniture/ Accessories/ Artwork

Paint Color and Wall Coverings 

• Kitchen and Bath Designs


• Window Treatments 


• Custom Built-Ins

• Complete Renovations

• Project Management 

• Staging



ShaRee Antenucci

Office: 561-630-4968

Cell: 561-818-5229

Fax: 561-630-4655

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